We Now Have a Butt

We are delighted to have purchased a Butt for ageing our beers.  Mike (the Boss) collected the vessel today in the early morning sunshine from Alastair Simms and his apprentice Kean at the White Rose Cooperage at Thorp Arch near Wetherby.

A Butt is equal to half a tun or 2 hogsheads or 3 barrels or 12 firkins or is simply 108 Imperial gallons. This one originally contained sherry but latterly contained a 10 year old Vintage Single Malt Whisky from Glenrothes Distillery which has now been bottled at a specialist plant in Perth. Look out for some lovely aged beer from Elland Brewery. Naturally a wait will be involved!

Further Information

White Rose Cooperage: whiterosecooperage.com

Glenrothes Distillery: www.theglenrothes.com