Exciting Times at Elland

Lots is happening in Elland. A long-awaited train station is set to break ground any day now, millions of pounds has been pumped in by Calderdale Council, and the Elland Town Council has reconvened after some years of the town having no local leadership. A town centre remodelling programme is top of their agenda, and hopes are high that the surge in economic and social vibrancy that has spread across the rest of Calderdale will continue in our town. Go Elland!

Keen to be part of the forward movement locally, here at Elland Brewery we too have been busy, with owner Steve Francis handing over day-to-day operations management to his son Joe, and a rethinking of how we do business overall. We’ve been around for twenty years now, and the beer trade has changed a lot in that time. We’ve no plans to ditch any of the beers you love, but we certainly need to keep up with the modern ale landscape and bring all the energy we can muster into rebuilding after Covid. This means new staff, new ideas, a whole new way of thinking. All options are open to us.

We’re in the news!

There are lots of ideas in the pipeline, and this renewed energy caught the eye of renowned beer writer Chris Dyson, who did us a splendid writeup which you can read here. We’d love to hear from you with any feedback on the new beers we’ve been trying out (Ell And Back 4.2% amber, Afternoon Threelight 3.5% cask pils-influenced pale, Game Changer 5.3% throwback IPA) as well as anything from our long history that you’d like to see again. DropĀ  Scott a line on scott@ellandbrewery.co.uk and keep up with where we go next.

Watch this space for updates!