Elland Support David Litten’s Inaugural Book with Proceeds Going to the Alzheimer’s Society

Recently, we were delighted to support friend and beer writer David Litten with the production and launch of his first book. He has written many articles for CAMRA magazines but wanted to write something considerably longer. The subject is the Junction pub at Castleford where, over the last five years Maureen Shaw and Neil Midgley have transformed a closed wreck of a place into something special. Not only has the pub been restored to its former glory as a building, but since early 2014 cask ales are only served from their own wooden casks which they supply breweries to fill. It is the only pub in the country and almost certainly the world to do so.

With Mike Hiscock from Elland BrewerySince the Junction went “wood only” it has given us great pleasure to supply our beers to the pub on a regular basis. Many people, including noted beer writer and CAMRA Good Beer Writer Roger Protz, who try our beers from the wood, comment on the subtle softer flavours that wood imparts to beers. Most notably our multi-award winning 1872 Porter has been supplied and eagerly supped in several formats. In addition to the regular and stunning taste from regular wooden casks, when aged in casks having previously contained red wine, white wine or even whisky, the beer takes on a different dimension in each case with extra notes from the previous contents. It should also be noted that the rest of our beers that appear from the wood at the Junction (even the light ones), whether aged or not are most pleasing on the palate.

Earlier in the year David approached us with his idea for the book and we were only too happy to recount our involvement with the pub and to recall a wonderful visit from the locals to our brewery. Additionally, we have been most pleased to support the venture and provide a unique beer appropriately named Codex for the launch of the book in November.
Profits from the sales of “From Junk to Junction” go to the Alzheimer’s Society. Copies are available by mail order from David at £10 (including postage and packing). Please contact him for further details via direct message on either Facebook/twitter or via e-mail: littendavid@littendavid.karoo.co.uk